Stock Clearance

The stock clearance and remarketing: when a company can no longer sell its stocks on its traditional market, our role is to find new opportunities for those products.

The amount of business contacts that we have and the diversity of geographic areas where we operate (we are active on four continents) allow us to provide a solution to companies cluttered with products that can no longer flow through their traditional network.

The difficulty of selling a device past fashion, technologically outdated, used for demonstrations, no longer meeting the expectations of customers, etc… must be added to the cost of storage, the asset cash, logistics cost for the return to the manufacturer and / or the cost of recycling when it is considered.

In HELVETRADE we are assuming these problems by selling your products on the market where demand still exists.

Based on a detailed inventory of products you want to clear, we will make a proposal to purchase your whole lot. If you agree, we arrange the payment as soon as possible and we will collect the goods according to agreed conditions set previously.

So you limit your return costs and management, concentrating fully on your new projects.